When the news first broke out about a 150 years old perfume being discovered in a shipwreck and commercialized, a friend teasingly asked me if this was some cunning marketing ploy on my part. To explain a little: I am currently touring a poetry-theatre show called The Shipwrecked House which happens to use two different perfumes on its audiences to respectively evoke the scents of home and the sea.

If only! The Mary Celestia, named after the ship the original perfume was found in, is being reproduced for modern tastes by the Bermuda Parfumery (about 80% of the ingredients match, as I understand it). It’s hard not to see this shipwrecked perfume as a symbol for our own memories: carefully preserved, sometimes for decades, never quite accurate but almost always potent.

If you find the concept interesting, then here is my attempt to make my friend's tease a reality: come and see my show! We're off to Norwich tomorrow and then have a few dates coming up in Leeds, Newcastle, London, Bridport and Oxford. The perfumes have been specially created by Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesday and might shake loose long forgotten treasures of their own too...
(Details here).