Easily underestimated, the humble quiz can be a brilliant conversion method for your business.

Why should you use one?

  • To drive traffic to your website. The trick is for your quiz to be relevant to your business, so that people come for the quiz, and then stay for your great content. If the blog goes viral, then that's great for your brand awareness!
  • Convert leads. This builds on the point above. Make it really easy for people taking part in the quiz to then purchase one of your (relevant) products. You can make the quiz part of the buying process, guiding them to the best product for them.
  • Use it to improve your email marketing strategy. Ask quiz users if they'd like to leave their email address at the end of the quiz. Figures show that quizzes have a 50% opt-in rate.

Where do you make one?

Here's a few websites that let you create quizzes: