"Blame the Teenagers for What Happened in McKinney, Not the Police" says Matt Walsh is a self-proclaimed professional truth sayer. This is one of the most disturbing accounts of the Texas Pool Party Racism that has spurred rage not just across the United States, but across the world, with a racist cop pulling a gun on a group of African American teenagers at a community swimming pool. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6tTfoifB7Q)

Dear Professional Truth Sayer, please let me compliment your incredible attention to detail. You claim 'I can easily spot at least one white kid among the ones told to sit' - one white kid? Doesn't that statement in itself clearly say whether or not this was racist behavior?

Also, thank you for giving us access to your moral compass by pointing out how you've 'never heard of children’s parties with terms like “Dime Piece” and “Make It Clap” in the title.' Are you attempting to clarify that the cops checked the offensive online marketing material, found it was inappropriate for 14 year olds to talk this way, decided to go over and pull a gun on them to make up for 'immature parenting'?

Great job on drawing our attention to the insightful question how 'nobody has suggested what else an officer is supposed to do when a person — teenage girl or otherwise — refuses to comply. Just let them walk away? Keep asking nicely? Tickle them into submission?'. A perfect rationale explanation of how a 14 year old girl is a threat that must be subdued by slamming her to the sidewalk, telling her to get her ass on the ground, sitting on her and drawing your weapon.

Whatever your explanation is: 'loud music', 'trespassing' or 'out-of-control' teenagers, there is absolutely no excuse for Eric Casebolt's actions. You talk about 'a lot anger, a lot of threatening and a lot of assuming but little concern for the truth' - sounds more like you are describing your own article instead of people's reactions which has assumed a lot about the heroic officer's intentions to save the poor community from a 14-year old unarmed girl. You talk about how these 'criminals disguised as kids' fled the scene (yes, they ran from the deluded cop waving around a gun and abusing teenagers) and omitted the fact that the cop went into hiding himself after the incident or his history of racial discrimination.

You are not 'giving a voice to the other side' - you are giving a voice to racists.

For all my other readers, here are a few links to check out that are considerably more truthful than Mr. Walsh's blog:




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