The tools we use for work might have drastically changed in the last few decades, but sometimes being 'old-fashioned' isn't a negative.

As a lecturer, and now a marketer, I have found some email behaviours quite off-putting. From the over-familiar tone of a student, to the co-founder of a startup looking for a favour sending me '???' when I did not answer him immediately.

Perhaps email etiquette lessons are the way forward?

We adapt our tone and approach depending on the social networks we use (and whether it's a personal or corporate account of course), so why isn't this always the case when using email?

Taking the time to add a few extra words can make all the difference between your email being received in the spirit it was intended in, and a missed business opportunity.

In the article linked to below, Marisa Gift gives a few tips to bear in mind when crafting an email.

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