Those of us who use Linkedin regularly will have noticed the announcements that groups were going to get a makeover. Linkedin has been listening to its users and has taken steps to make some positive changes, including:

  • all groups are private now, in the sense that you have to join them in order to take part and see the conversations. This makes them a trusted place, where conversations can hopefully flourish.
  • groups are either Standard or Unlisted
  • joining a group now requires an invitation or for your request to be approved.
  • to be more timely, all conversations will now be posted without a moderator. They can be moderated afterwards, and flagged, as before.
  • improved filtering, to keep spammy content out.
  • the promotions tab has been removed.

Overall, I think these are positive changes, they should make it easier for B2B marketers to share their content in a timely and relevant manner. I look forward to seeing how this changes group dynamics....