My second collection Astéronymes is officially out into the world tomorrow. It's a nerve-wracking and wonderful feeling at the same time, and gone all too quickly really.

I first came across that wonderful word, 'Astéronyme' a few years ago when working down the road from where I do now, at the Voltaire Foundation. Voltaire was quite fond of this technique, which involves blanking out a person's name with asterisks.

It felt particularly apt for this collection whose two main strands (I'd say) are on the one hand standing stones and other historical artefacts, and on the other, contemporary friendship. One could argue that the original purpose of standing stones is now as decipherable as memories from a particularly heavy night out, so maybe not that strange after all.

The book will be launched in April alongside John McCullough's Spacecraft in London, Brighton and Oxford. Details here.