What kind of risks do you like to take? 

At this point in my life, even as a parent, a home owner a business owner, I still like to take some risks. Life without innovation can become dull. We should all be curious about new ways of existing and experiencing this miraculous planet. 

It is good to experiment when you know you can learn from it and revise future choices accordingly. For example, as a very fussy eater, I still push myself to order food on a menu that i have never tried before. sometimes it is delicious, sometimes it is disgusting, but it doesn't really matter when it isn't your last meal. If I don't like the dish of the day, they won't ban me from the restaurant. I can go back next time and make a different choice.

If we leave the EU, we can't go back again. We will have isolated ourselves outside an enormous trading block and anyone who tells you this will help us improve our economic outlook in the short to medium term is speaking deceitfully.

Just look at how markets around the world are bouncing with a stronger outlook for the remain camp after the weekend's polls. Remain slightly nudging ahead of Leave has seen a positive swing that has rippled all over the world.

 Britain has already shown it's importance as a key global player, this is why the global market has been so spooked by the potential of a Brexit. But now, if we remain, we have more influence than ever. And Who wouldn't want to be part of this?    

I have every sympathy for communities where austerity has bitten hardest. When things look so bleak, a vote for change, any change might appeal. Those disenfranchised areas of the UK are right to wish for change. Yet, can the Exit campaign deliver what people struggling to make a living are looking for? More jobs, better wages, more homes, access to education and health care? 

I put my faith in those who believe we are better together. Even if philosophically this doesn't float your boat, maybe it will float your bank balance? There are other elections that can have huge impact on the way we govern our country.  

 A shrinking economy won't invest in industry. If the factories move to France, even more workers will be out of work.  Every independent expert and market maker predicts our economy will shrink, to say nothing of our influence in the world.

For an older generation, who so keenly watched the country balance the books post war, i see the exiters maybe having a last Hurrah? With their mortgages paid and their final salary pensions, maybe their appetite to risk is such that they can gleefully sign up for a proud and sovereign sky dive into the unknown? 

But for anyone with bills to pay, children and grandchildren to educate, lives to live fully into old age, we are better with a seat at the EU table which in turn secures our status in the world.

In any negotiation, there must always be a walk away, but Britain - however tough it has been  - we haven't got anywhere near that point yet. There are people out there seeking to lead us down a dark and rotten garden path. A vote to remain keeps us in the garden with the ability to re-shape the landscape.

If you feel the need to gamble, head to the betting shop and not the polls. Incidentally, Betfair are now laying strong odds that we will remain...only if everyone gets out and votes for the future on Thursday.