This image has been doing the rounds on LinkedIn. It's gone viral to the extent that some of my French connections were sharing it. Inevitably, some people complained that English was being used in a French workplace, so I did some detective work to establish it was actually a British company (it is!)...

I used TinyEye Reverse Image Search, and the oldest record for it was this tweet. More searching turned up this blog in which the thought process behind the image was revealed.

Onboarding images are incredibly popular on LinkedIn. I've seen photos of desks waiting for the new arrival, starter-pack boxes filled with goodies, and more. Each one of these easily attracts hundreds of likes, comments, and shares. 

It's a great way to show off your business's culture: what makes you unique? how do you treat your employees? What do they need to get off to a great start? What should today's workplace be like?

As well as it being a great advert for candidates scoping you out, this reflects positively on your business too.

Next time a new employee joins - think about giving it a go.