I shared some thoughts on social media guidelines earlier this year, which I've translated into a Slideshare below.

We're seeing a real movement in the B2B sector with 66% of employers encouraging their employees to share content and represent their firm on a personal, human level. This is, of course, fantastic, but not without its perils, especially if no policy is in place.

While your employees might be fluent in Twitter, they might not understand what it means to represent both themselves, and their firms on that network. At the other extreme, other employees might lack confidence when it comes to using social media out of fear of litigation (or of the technology!)

The balance between the two is a tricky one to strike but far from impossible:

  1. Create flexible guidelines which allow your employees to express themselves but make clear what sets of behaviour won't be tolerated (some of which are in the Slideshare below). 
  2. Provide training that goes over the basics of each key social media network. Even those comfortable with these networks will enjoy the refresher, and pick up new tips.
  3. Once these basics are covered, use best practice to demonstrate effective ways to harness social media to reach out to prospects and align this activity with business goals.

Alongside this training, having a pool of vetted content your employees can share would be ideal. Several employee advocacy tools, such as Clearview Social, make it easy for your employees to disseminate relevant content.

(If you would like me to provide social media training for your team, do get in touch, or simply head over here to book a short session directly).