An interesting move from IBM which Going Concern attempts to justify. It'll surprise no one that I disagree with the move!

Remote working means that employees can build their ideal work environment and work more efficiently as a result. It eliminates the stress of commute times (snow days are no longer a problem!), is more friendly to anyone neurodivergent or suffering from visible and/or invisible disabilities (if you are the kind of organisation that truly wants to be diverse), and so on and so forth. Yes it's nice to see your colleagues, but I find remote meetings tend to be more efficient for everyone than lengthy boardroom ones, and when you do see each other you can maximise that opportunity.

Remote working is not without its problems - contrary to some employers' expectations it makes working overtime much easier! Some companies also expect employees to hold working hours that belong to a different timezone, which can make things quite anti-social. 

Overall though, the benefits outweigh the negatives imo, and I hope companies, particularly in professional services, continue to move towards a more flexible working environment.